DC Families for Safe Streets (DC-FSS) confronts traffic violence and its epidemic of tragic injuries and deaths. We advocate for life-saving changes and provide support to those affected by deadly crashes in our communities.


We seek to transform our grief by telling our personal stories of loss to effect change. We know, and have proof that people who walk, roll, bike, and drive can safely co-exist on our streets. We fight to eliminate all fatalities in traffic crashes because no death is acceptable. These are preventable “crashes” not accidents, and the reckless driving and dangerous street design that cause them have proven solutions.

As we know all too well, traffic crashes and injuries are sudden, violent, traumatic events. The grief and distress experienced is tremendous. We believe that no one should have to endure the loss and trauma alone. DC-FSS provides peer support and is developing assistance resources for those affected by the trauma of traffic violence.

We know that change is hard. For that reason, DC-FSS is committed to this formidable challenge. We want to ensure that all of our fellow Washingtonians can navigate their neighborhoods on foot, bicycle, or car without fear, and never have to endure the pain and suffering we have known.


Families for Safe Streets was founded in 2014 by the families of loved ones who were killed or injured in crashes in New York City. Close to 40,000 Americans are killed in traffic crashes every single year and millions suffer life altering injuries. Together, we transform our grief by telling our personal stories of trauma and loss to raise awareness and bring about policy and legislative change.

Current chapters:

The District of Columbia chapter operates in partnership with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and works closely with chapters in Northern Virginia and in Montgomery County, MD.

2023 Tentative Meeting dates

Details to be posted in the News & Events page as they become available.

  • Tue, January 31 evening
  • Tue, February 28 evening
  • Tue, March 28 evening
  • Sun, April 30 afternoon
  • Tue, May 30 evening
  • Tue, June 27 evening
  • Sun, July 20 afternoon
  • No meeting in August
  • Tue, September 26 evening
  • Tue, October 24 evening
  • Sun, November 19 – World Day of Remembrance
  • No meeting in December