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DC Families for Safe Streets welcomes those impacted by traffic violence. Members may be family and friends who have lost a loved one in a crash, crash survivors, and family members of survivors. This includes individuals who were injured or lost loved ones who were here to visit or work. We also welcome those who are engaged on issues of traffic safety and public health through their professional lives and community service.

Other national efforts

In addition to local efforts, below are other national efforts led by Families for Safe Streets in NYC.

End the Silence on Traffic Violence

Traffic violence is an epidemic which kills 40,000 people and injures 3 million every year in the United States. Americans deserve a national leader who will end the senseless carnage on our roads and confront the epidemic of traffic violence. Learn more about the national crisis and demand a plan to end the silence on traffic violence.


Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by dangerous streets and unsafe drivers. They are not accidents. Pledge to stop using the word “accident” today.