Thank you for safer, slower streets

On Friday, May 29, Mayor Bowser announced to permanently lower the default speed limit on local roads to 20 miles per hour and the forthcoming implementation of 20 miles of DC Slow Streets across all eight wards. We commend the District’s leadership to address traffic violence, especially in the midst of this public health emergency, as the District has experienced increasingly dangerous conditions with speeding drivers.

DC Families for Safe Streets is a group of survivors of traffic violence and families whose loved ones have been killed or severely injured by aggressive or reckless driving and dangerous conditions on our streets. We bear witness to our pain and suffering, and envision a city where no loss of life in traffic is acceptable. Since the start of the Stay at Home Order in March, there have been four traffic fatalities, all of whom were people traveling in cars and/or on motorcycles. We believe that the lower speed limit will make everyone—whether traveling in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or on foot—safer.