Letter to urge action needed on reckless driving

DC Families for Safe Streets, in close partnership with Virginia Tech Professor Ryan Calder, sent a letter on May 8, 2023 to the Mayor, members of the Council, and Department Directors urging action against reckless driving. The letter was co-signed by over 650 individuals and nine local organizations, including Families for Safe Streets chapters in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County.

The stark racial injustices of traffic violence, caused in part by reckless driving, are evident in data published by the District. Basic analysis of this data demonstrates that crashes associated with fatalities or serious injuries occur disproportionately in Census Tract block groups with a higher fraction of Black or African American residents. These inequities are exacerbated by underinvestment in traffic safety and a lack of consequences for drivers with demonstrated disregard for life and safety.

We urge District leaders to pursue actions at the legislative and executive levels, as detailed in the below letter, in order to reduce risks from traffic violence while enhancing economic and racial equity.

Thank you to everyone who signed on. And if you have been personally impacted by traffic violence, please join us by completing this membership form.