Streetsblog USA highlights work of DC-FSS in recently passed STEER Act

George Kevin Jordan’s article “D.C. to Dangerous Drivers: We Will Slow You Down!” for Streets Blog USA highlighted the DC Council’s recently passed STEER Act. The new sweeping safety bill moves to correct problems that have limited the effectiveness of addressing repeated reckless driving. Perhaps uniquely among the provisions is the one that will give the DC DMV the authority to require the installation of intelligent speed assist (ISA) devices in repeat reckless drivers’ vehicles.

DC Families for Safe Streets advocated for many of the issues addressed in the new bill – including the development of an ISA program for reckless drivers. Jordan quotes DC-FSS member Jessica Hart in the article who praises the new program established by the bill to use ISA to rehabilitate reckless drivers: “We’re all family members of crash victims or crash survivors ourselves, and we would certainly all do anything possible to have any of our loved ones back […] The very least that we can do is to use every possible tool that we can to limit dangerous drivers. And I think ISA [intelligent speed assistance] is a really important tool in that regard.”