Share your story

DC can make its streets safer for everyone

Families for Safe Streets chapters in the Greater Washington, DC region invite you to share your story as a loved one, or survivor, of a serious crash. Our goal is to collect stories that tell the personal impact of traffic violence. These stories can offer comfort to other victims and loved ones. 

Everyone has their own way of grieving and living

The impact of traffic violence is very personal, and there is no one way to grieve or live. Now that Families for Safe Streets has a well-established presence in the region with chapters in Alexandria, DC, Arlington, and Montgomery County, we ask for your trust in sharing your story with us. FSS respects your ownership of your story, and will not use it unless you agree.

Stories are the heart of Families for Safe Streets

Our stories are so important, because they provide a human perspective on traffic violence. Your neighbors and local decision makers need to hear these stories. By building a list of stories, we will be prepared to share them as our friends and partners work to improve street safety. 

Sharing stories could occur in a lot of ways. It can be a video or audio recording, a written story, or a visual format like a postcard! We are open to working with you. If you enjoy writing, that’s great. If you prefer to share your story in conversation, we would be happy to talk with you and either share a recording or translate your story to written format (with your review). No matter your preference, we are here to help you. 

Working to ensure our work reflects the diversity of lived experience in our region

Developing stories together offers an important opportunity for our region to work together. By sharing one set of stories, we can make sure to tell your story across our region. 

Ready to share or have questions?

Please contact us or email us directly at at DCFamiliesForSafeStreets [at] if you’re interesting in sharing your story or with any questions and to share your story and ideas.