WaPo highlights human cost of traffic violence

Photo by Reana Kovalcik

In her column, “Letting bad drivers stay on the road is costing D.C. more than money,” Washington Post columnist Theresa Vargas comments on recent coverage of DC’s failure to address drivers who have been repeatedly caught driving recklessly.

She notes: But the reality is that collecting that money won’t solve the larger issue of the District not having in place a system that keeps the most dangerous drivers off its roads. While the potential loss of that money is concerning, unpaid tickets are not the only way those drivers are costing the city. They have contributed to incidents that have left residents fearful, fuming and grieving.

Photo by Reana Kovalcik
photo by Reana Kovalcik

Reading the comments of the more than 650 co-signers on to a recent letter to the Mayor and DC Council, Vargas notes a common theme: “people who walk, bike and drive through the nation’s capital are fed up with aggressive motorists who commit one traffic violation after another and a city that does little to keep them off the roads.”

Thank you, Theresa, for highlighting the human cost of traffic violence.