DC Families for Safe Streets testifies at Council roundtable on traffic enforcement

The Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Environment held a public roundtable on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 on traffic enforcement in the District. The Committee has previously focused on longer-term solutions and policy to implement safe street designs. Tuesday’s roundtable explored how to improve traffic enforcement and included testimony from those personally impacted by traffic violence, academics, and other key transportation voices.

Christy Kwan from DC-FSS testified alongside Helaina Roisman, Injury Prevention and Outreach Coordinator from the George Washington University Hospital; Dr. Megan Quintana, trauma surgeon also at GWU Hospital; and Tess McEnery, partner of a crash survivor and a member of Alexandria FSS. The panel spoke openly about the impacts of traffic violence, telling the deeper experiences from family members, caretakers, and emergency care professionals. Ms. Roisman also read a statement from Bryan Hart, father of Allie, and Ms. Kwan relayed member’s stories and honored Jamya Williams and her family. Ms. McEnery spoke frankly and with strength on her personal experience caring for her partner and the cross-jurisdictional issues they encountered after the crash.

The roundtable included testimony from key partners such as the DC Transportation Equity Network, the Washington Area Bicyclists Association, and Virginia Tech Professor Ryan Calder, whom DC-FSS closely collaborated with on a letter about reckless driving. Some of the roundtable was also highlighted in the Washington Post.

The public is also able to submit written testimony before the close of the business day on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. See specific instructions on how to submit in the final paragraph of the notice.